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Trump shouldn’t get a Nobel Peace Prize

1 May 2018 • Joseph Olbrycht-Palmer

Last Friday, the world witnessed a truly historic moment — the meeting of the leaders of North and South Korea. As Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in shook hands and crossed the border together, smiles ablaze, I think everyone watching understood that this meeting signalled a new era; possibly an era of lasting peace on the Korean […]

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In Stereo

Concrete Lawn: Pounding the pavement, getting it done

Consisting of members, Maddy (Lead vocals), Cambell (Guitar), Jack (Bass), and Alex (Drums), Concrete Lawn are emerging as a dominating force. We were lucky enough to catch the four-piece play their demo launch at the Red Rattler at the beginning of April, for their DEMO EP release. The album has since been released, and we are […]

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