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How the Second World War led to the longest peace in Europe

  29 November 2017 • Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer

War punctuates human history with a monotonous regularity. Although typically terrifying and tragic to those who live, die and fight through wars, great things can grow from these seemingly inevitable conflicts. The English Civil War (1642–49) and Glorious Revolution (1688–89) laid the groundwork for modern democracy, while the American and French Revolutions (1775–83 and 1789–99 respectively) made substantial contributions to the development of what are today recognised as fundamental human rights. In more general terms, the vast empires established by conquest throughout history have aided the spread of ideas, albeit usually at the expense of native populations. War, while bad, can lead to good or at least useful results.

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In Stereo

A night in Melbourne with Crywank

Finding ourselves in Melbourne two weekends ago and with a few hours to spare, Sam and I quickly tried to find a gig. We discovered that UK band Crywank were in town as part of their debut Australian tour. We eagerly made our way through the busy streets to find them. After leaving late, getting lost a few times, and staring for far too long at a Gucci shop window with an alien campaign poster, we arrived at The Curtin pub. During their set, the UK duo played some of their more popular songs with fans excitedly singing the words back at them. Songs such as “Now I’m Sad” and “Memento Mori” were crowd favourites, with punters engaging with the meaningful lyrics.

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