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OPMG Collective: the Ruddock Review and religious freedoms

20 April 2018 • Joseph Olbrycht-Palmer | Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer | Brendan Raymond | Yiannis Chambers

The Religious Freedom Review, an expert panel to inquire into the protection of religious freedom in Australia, was announced on 22 November 2017.  The expert panel, with Philip Ruddock as its chair, is due to hand down its report on 18 May 2018. In the wake of the same-sex marriage debate, the findings of the […]

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In Stereo

Some tunes to get through the week

Struggling to find the motivation to get through the week? Well, there’s nothing better than music to inspire you! Here is a short list of some new releases that we’re using to get moving. Amyl and the Sniffers — “Cup Of Destiny“ Amyl and the Sniffers are back at it again with the announcement of […]

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