“Ocean & Montana” hits the spot

1 September 2017

“Ocean & Montana” hits the spot

“Ocean & Montana”, the latest collaborative EP from Pharrell protege Buddy and Montreal Hip Hop producer Kaytranada hits the spot.

Although only 16 minutes and spanning 5 songs, Buddy makes a great impression, leaving listeners wanting more. Kaytranada’s smooth production combined with Buddy’s delivery makes this EP a must listen.  

Buddy had a huge buzz following the initial Pharrell co-sign, but his rise has been steady as he has grown as a performer and songwriter. The Compton rapper’s flow and delivery are what make him unique. Coupled with his ear for creating commercially successful songs, Buddy’s high-level success in the rap game is inevitable.

This EP has the potential to break Buddy into the mainstream audience as any listener can appreciate the subject matter and production this project delivers.

Although it’s not Kaytranada’s best beats, Buddy takes advantage by showcasing his immense abilities and potential.

All five songs on this EP are great, but the standouts are “Find Me” and “Guillotine”. On “Find Me” Buddy raps about issues with loneliness and a want for meaningful companionship. Buddy also mentions his self-medicating ways of dealing with these issues in the song.

Buddy is definitely getting there as an artist. While the subject matter, production, delivery and flow peaks the listener’s interest, the songwriting aspect on some songs on this EP could leave listeners a little underwhelmed. Though this will likely improve as Buddy continues to grow as an artist under Pharrell’s guidance.

“Ocean & Montana” is a must listen. It’s a mere snippet of the potential Buddy possesses. It leaves listeners eagerly awaiting the rapper’s next project to see how he improves and what more he can offer.