The top five ads of 2017

15 December 2017

The top five ads of 2017

Image credit: MK Feeney (Flickr) — CC BY 2.0 licence.

Amid a turbulent year of absurd politics, great success, heartbreaking tragedy and groundbreaking progress, creativity has blossomed.

Advertisers have recognised the growing demand for change and tapped into its momentum, in many cases driving conversations about issues that would have previously been swept under the rug.

There is a plethora of true masterpieces to choose from, but these are OPMG’s top five ads for 2017.

#5: Kia’s “Hero’s Journey” starring Melissa McCarthy

This ad was a massive success at Super Bowl 2017 and for good reason — it ticked all the boxes. The ad positions Kia as an eco-friendly car manufacturer, uses a popular comedian to communicate a hilariously ridiculous narrative, and tells consumers about the product’s main features. The millions of dollars invested in this ad will surely have been worth it!

#4: The Atlantic’s “Am I Typecast?” starring Michael K. Williams

The Atlantic really hit the nail on the head with this thought-provoking ad. It’s a brilliant way to bolster its brand image and reaffirm its relevance at a time when the news-media industry is struggling. The ad illustrates a simple yet powerful point and then lays it out in three words: “question your answers”.

#3: Air New Zealand’s “Very Merry Mistake”

Air New Zealand took a bit of a risky strategy with this one. The ad is nearly three minutes long and there is no mention of the brand until the last 47 seconds. But it works so well by capturing the laid-back Kiwi charm and showcasing their ability to laugh at themselves – something we could do a bit more of.

2# The New York Times’ “The Truth is hard to find” with Bryan Denton and Tyler Hicks

Advertising 101: don’t sell a product, sell a solution. In these ads, The New York Times touches on the concerns many have regarding the current state of the world and positions itself as a remedy with the priceless campaign slogan: “The truth is hard. The truth is hard to find. The truth is worth pursuing.” It makes a great comment about the importance of having journalists on the ground in a way both readers and journalists can appreciate.

#1: SSGA’s “Fearless Girl”

Everything about this ad works. From the motivation and message to the execution, it truly is a great piece of work. SSGA makes a fantastic statement in support of greater gender diversity at higher levels of organisations. By throwing itself behind the cause, SSGA has established itself as top-of-mind when it comes to gender equality in the finance sector.