2018 Russian Presidential Election: Putin secures a fourth term

19 March 2018

2018 Russian Presidential Election: Putin secures a fourth term

Vladimir Putin has secured a fourth term after winning a clear majority in Sunday’s 2018 Russian Presidential Election.

With a voter turnout of nearly 68%, President Putin has recieved 76.69% at present with 99.83% of the votes counted.

The two other top runners, Pavel Grudinin and Vladimir Zhirinovsky have so far recieved 11.77% and 5.65% respectively.

Some opposition groups are alleging that there was interference in the election, but the Russian Central Election Commission have declared the results legitimate.

Mr Putin addressed a rally of thousands of people who had gathered to commemorate the anniversary of the reunification of Crimea with Russia in Moscow’s Red Square.

He thanked voters and pushed a message of unity, saying the election was a “very important test” for the nation.

He said: “We won in an open and fair battle. But this was not just a presidential election. This was also a very important test for all of us, for our whole nation. This was a test for political ripeness, for self-sufficiency, for independence. We showed well and truly that no one can impose their will on us. No one and nothing.”

It is the first time Crimea has participated in a Russian Presidential Election since Crimean authorities held an illegal referendum to gain independence from Ukraine in 2014, and later opted to join Russia.

Voter turnout in Crimea stands at 63.86%, nearly 7% higher than Moscow Oblast.