Turnbull says Coalition still support him after 30th consecutive Newspoll loss

10 April 2018

Turnbull says Coalition still support him after 30th consecutive Newspoll loss

Image Credit: Kym Smith (The Australian)

After a tumultuous week in politics, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he still feels positive of maintaining power after losing 30 consecutive Newspoll polls.

The Prime Minister says he regrets using polls as a ploy to roll former Prime Minister Tony Abbott back in 2015, after Abbott also suffered the same losses.

Mr Turnbull released a statement on Monday saying, “I regret making the remarks about 30 Newspolls at the time but what I promised to do was to provide economic leadership and traditional cabinet government and I have done both. I do have the confidence of my colleagues and no one is suggesting I don’t.”

Tony Abbott responded to the developments by saying, “We shouldn’t obsess over polls, I never did. I don’t think others should, but what we should be focused on is being the best possible government.”

Further discussion in both the Coalition and the Opposition has been initiated due to the fallout over the polls, including remarks from former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, who suggested that Turnbull should “do the honourable thing” and resign if polling does not improve by Christmas.

Speaking frankly, Joyce told Sky News Australia, “It’s bleeding obvious, that if he continued further and deeper into the year and you could believe that the polling was a true reflection of what people were thinkin, then you also have an obligation not to drive your party or a government off a cliff.”

While the Prime Minister says his leadership is not under immediate threat, speculation over possible replacements in the case of a step down from Mr Turnbull has arisen in the direction for Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Dutton.

Mr Dutton told Guardian Australia over the weekend, “Of course I want to be Prime Minister one day. I think it’s best to be honest about that, that’s an ambition long-held and is only realistic if stars align and an opportunity comes up.”

Remaining steadfast during and after Abbott’s downfall, Mr Dutton has continued to gain traction as a serious candidate.

Sworn in as Minister of Home Affairs in 2017 while serving as Minister of Immigration and Border Protection since 2014, Mr Dutton has a strong standing for the top job.

After the recent blow to the Turnbull office, time will tell if the stars will align.