Danish inventor Peter Madsen sentenced to life imprisonment for Kim Wall murder

26 April 2018

Danish inventor Peter Madsen sentenced to life imprisonment for Kim Wall murder

Danish inventor, Peter Madsen, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall on his submarine in 2017.

The court found Mr Madsen, 47, guilty for the premediated murder and sexual assault of Ms Wall, 30.

Ms Wall’s remains were found dismembered by Danish police at sea on 21 August 2017, 11 days after she interviewed Mr Madsen on his homemade submarine.

Copenhagen City Court judge Anette Burkoe told the court, which was made up of one judge and two jurors, “We are talking about a cynical and planned sexual assault and brutal murder of a random woman, who in connection with her journalistic work had accepted an offer to go sailing in the defendant’s submarine.”

She said Madsen had “failed to give trustworthy explanations” and had “shown an interest for the killing and maiming of people and has shown an interest for impaling”.

Mr Madsen had continued to tell the court several different accounts of the incident testifying that while he was on deck, she died due to inhaling fatal toxins which were released by a sudden decrease in air pressure.

Due to a lack of tangible evidence and the state of Ms Wall’s decomposed body, the cause of death is unidentifiable. However an autopsy report suggests that suffocation or the slit of her throat are the probable causes of death.

Fourteen stab wounds were also found on Ms Wall’s body.

During the court proceedings, Mr Madsen confessed to stuffing Ms Wall’s head, arms and legs into plastic bags and weighing them down with metal pipes before tossing the remains into the sea.

Psychiatric evaluations conducted by medical experts told the court that Mr Madsen was a pathological liar who posed a threat to others and was likely to become a repeat offender.

Ms Wall was an award-winning journalist who was preparing to relocate to China with her boyfriend — a move they were celebrating the day she went missing.

Mr Madsen, to the shock of the court, plans to appeal the verdict.