Pakistan’s interior minister shot

7 May 2018

Pakistan’s interior minister shot

Pakistan’s interior minister, Ahsan Iqbal, has been wounded after being shot in what is being called an attempted assassination in Karachi, Pakistan on Sunday.

The gunman slipped into a small crowd of supporters and colleagues surrounding the minister, and fired a shot that pierced his right shoulder.

Mr Iqbal was rushed to hospital and is currently in a stable condition.

The perpetrator was instantly apprehended after the shooting, officials say.

Mr Iqbal is a senior member of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party and although the motive of the shooting is yet to be revealed, the minister is also a staunch supporter of religious minorities who he has met in recent weeks to listen to their complaints of widespread discrimination at the hands of police forces that Mr Iqbal leads.

His meetings have caused considerable backlash amidst the orthodox population in Pakistan.

The minister has been encouraging religious minorities to attend the polls and vote in the upcoming elections in early July, which is now surrounded by increased tension after the shooting of the minister.