Tasmania hit by record rainfall and flash flooding

11 May 2018

Tasmania hit by record rainfall and flash flooding

Hobart has received a record-breaking rainfall of over 100 milliliters in a single day in May, doubling previous records and flooding the Hobart CBD including homes and universities.

It is understood to only be the fifth time since 1893 that the city has received more than 100mm of rainfall on a single day in any month.

The State Emergency Service (SES) described the situation as “an extreme weather event.”

Hobart resident Monte Bovill said the streets were like rivers.

“Macquarie Street, which is the main street in Hobart, had probably two dozen cars just lying there on the road, that had been swept down,” he said. “It was really crazy to see what used to be a road was literally a river.”

The University of Tasmania was hit hard with flooding. Videos posted by students show corridors becoming engulfed with water.

The chaotic weather focused on the state’s east coast, but quickly spread to Hobart and the south of the state.

Lightning storms sat above the city for the majority of the night accompanied by strong winds.

The wild weather is expected to continue throughout the state, with the¬†Bureau of Meteorology’s Debbie Tabor saying,¬†“We are expecting further rain in the eastern, southern and central areas with locally heavy falls and also thunderstorms during this morning.”

The extreme weather is expected to move towards the north-east today then eventually easing in the evening.