Pauline Hanson fights back tears on live Sky News interview

1 June 2018

Pauline Hanson fights back tears on live Sky News interview

Pauline Hanson fought back tears on national television this morning as she gave an impassioned interview amid a tumultuous falling-out with One Nation Senator Brian Burston.

Ms Hanson claimed in the interview on Sky News that Mr Burston “stabbed her in the back”.

The interview, which showed Ms Hanson clearly distressed and emotionally hurt, came on the same day that Mr Burston told The Australian newspaper that he would break ranks with the One Nation party over company tax cuts.

“It hurts me. It hurts me deeply, because it means so much to me what I’m trying to do, and for him to turn around and do this to me Ben, it’s hard. But I’m going to keep going, and I’m going to get good people in that Parliament beside me, because it means so much to me”, Ms Hanson said, tearing up.

The departure of Mr Burston from One Nation means that it will reduce Ms Hanson’s influence in the Senate, taking her party voting bloc down by two votes.

Mr Burston will also be the third member to quit One Nation during this term of Parliament, following Rod Culleton and Fraser Anning.

Ms Hanson apologised to the Australian people that “this has happened again” and that the members who have quit do not have “intestinal fortitude”.

“It’s all about themselves, self-serving. Well I don’t want people like that”, she said.

Last week Senator Hanson dropped Mr Burston from his position as party whip, saying that he “wasn’t doing his job”, to which he replied that he was sacked as party whip immediately after declaring he would not vote with the Government.