BREAKING: Trump and Kim shake hands, marking historic meeting

12 June 2018

BREAKING: Trump and Kim shake hands, marking historic meeting

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have shaken hands and posed for photographs, making history as the first meeting between a sitting US President and a North Korean leader.

The two leaders appeared cordial as they exchanged pleasantries and expressed a willingness to make meaningful progress in the bettering of ties between the US and North Korea.

Before heading into the first meeting, President Trump and Chairman Kim briefly spoke to the media.

Mr Trump said, “I feel really great. We will have a great discussion and I think we will be tremendously successful.”

Mr Kim replied, “The past and the old prejudices and practices work as obstacles to our way forward but we overcame all of them and we are here today.”

The US’ primary goal going into the talks is the complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula, but there is some concern over whether that is realistic and if it is, what the US might have to give in return.

Who are the key players?

North Korea

Kim Yong-chol: Vice Chair of the Workers Party

  • Has worked in North Korean intellgence for 30 years.
  • Oversees US-North Korea relations.

Choe Son Hui: North Korea’s Vice Foreign Minister

  • One of the few women holding high office.
  • Has served as Kim Jong-un’s English translator.

Ri Yong Ho: North Korean Foreign Minister

  • Has played a central role in North Korea-US relations for 20 years.
  • Known as a skilled negotiator and top policy maker.

United States

Mike Pompeo: Secretary of State

  • Helped secure the release of three Americans imprisoned in North Korea.
  • Has offered the DPRK US aid in return for denuclearisation.
  • Former CIA Director.

John Bolton: National Security Advisor

  • Former US Ambassador to the United Nations.
  • Has said he is in favour of a military solution.
  • Nearly derailed the summit.

Sung Kim: US Ambassador to the Philippines

  • South Korean-born career diplomat.
  • Known for his cautious and sceptical approach to North Korea.