Former One Nation Senator joins Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party

18 June 2018

Former One Nation Senator joins Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party

Senator Brian Burston, who split from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party last week, announced on Monday that he will join Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, less than an hour after telling the Senate he would sit as an independent.

Following negotiations with Mr Palmer, Senator Burston joined the United Australia Party, which he says will “bring integrity back into the Senate.”

Senator Burston parted ways with One Nation after a public dispute over the party’s U-turn on a deal to support the Government’s proposed company tax cuts.

“I resigned because Paulin Hanson insisted that I renege on that deal, and I would not do so,” Senator Burston said.

“I am happy to join the United Australia Party. We will unite Australia and we will bring integrity back into the Senate and provide policies and vote on policies that the Government might bring forward that will benefit all Australians.”

Mr Palmer was “very happy to say that Brian has shown a great amount of courage and a great amount of foresight to stand up for the people who elected him, to aim for their aspirations.”

Mr Palmer also announced that the United Australia Party will contest all 150 House of Representatives seats at the next federal election.

The United Australia Party folded last year after losing its one remaining sitting member.

The party has now been revived and will seek registration with the Australian Electoral Commission shortly, according to Mr Palmer.