Coalition $144 billion tax cuts set to pass as One Nation, Centre Alliance give support

21 June 2018

Coalition $144 billion tax cuts set to pass as One Nation, Centre Alliance give support

One Nation and Centre Alliance have all but secured the passing of the Government’s personal income tax cuts worth $144 billion, with both parties announcing they will support the seven-year plan.

Speaking to the ABC’s AM programme, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson said her party would back all three stages of the plan.

“Yes, we are supporting the personal tax cuts … we are pleased to do so,” Senator Hanson said.

Ms Hanson said it was “a bit of a gamble” to support the income tax cut package, entirely because of her previous opposition to the third stage, however the senator said she was now more optimistic about the future.

“[The third stage] not coming in till 24/25, six years down the track,” she said. “Hopefully the Government is actually getting the budget back into surplus.”

The move comes as a blow to Labor’s efforts to split the bill, so that the third stage of the plan can be debated further.

The Senate passed the first two stages on Wednesday, but the Government will use its support in the House of Representatives to reject it in order to attempt an all-or-nothing vote.

With One Nation pledging support, the Government needs at least one of the two Centre Alliance senators to support the entire bill.

Centre Alliance senator Stirling Griff told the ABC: “If the Government comes back with that and they say it’s all or nothing, we are certainly not going to stand in the way of low to middle-income earners receiving tax cuts, which would indicate that we more than likely will have to support the complete package.”