‘He’s a handsy guy’: Guy Pearce on Kevin Spacey in Andrew Denton interview

4 July 2018

‘He’s a handsy guy’: Guy Pearce on Kevin Spacey in Andrew Denton interview

Acclaimed Australian actor Guy Pearce has revealed that American actor Kevin Spacey was “handsy” when he was working with him on the 1997 film LA Confidential.

Guy Pearce appeared on Andrew Denton’s television show Interview on Tuesday night, where he discussed his career, divorce and family relationships.

However it was the comments he made about Kevin Spacey that stole the show and stunned Mr Denton into silence.

Mr Denton asked Mr Pearce about his personal views on various high-profile people in Hollywood that he has worked with, including Kate Winslet, a British actress that he described as “divine”, before he inquired about his thoughts on Kevin Spacey.

“Yeah… yeah. Tough one to talk about at the moment. Yep,” the actor said, pausing. “Um, amazing actor, incredible actor. Um… Slightly difficult time with Kevin. Yeah.”

“The time you were working with him?” Denton asked, for clarification.

“Yeah. He’s, he’s a handsy guy,” Pearce said.

Mr Pearce remained restrained and controlled in his responses regarding Mr Spacey, who he hinted at having an unpleasant experience with and did not go into further detail about the matter.

However, after Mr Denton made a suggestion to move on, Mr Pearce lightened the somber mood with a joke, saying, “Thankfully I was 29 and not 14”, a comment at which the audience gasped.

The comments hold particular significance after shocking allegations of sexual assault conducted by Mr Spacey surfaced in October 2017 by actor Anthony Rapp, who said the the sexual misconduct happened when Mr Spacey was 26 and Mr Rapp only 14.

After the allegations reached the public, Mr Spacey released a letter on social media where he came out as gay and said he was “beyond horrified” to hear Mr Rapp’s story, an incident he claimed he could not recollect occurring.

Many believed that Mr Spacey deciding to come out as gay was a tactic in order to divert attention away from the allegations, both of which have made his presence in Hollywood scarce.