Sergey Skripal’s niece Viktoria to run for office

4 July 2018

Sergey Skripal’s niece Viktoria to run for office

Viktoria Skripal, the niece of a former Russian spy poisoned in England, has been nominated to run for Yaroslavl’s regional parliament by leftist opposition party, Fair Russia.

“When we were choosing the party’s candidates we made a proposal to her and she agreed, with pleasure,” secretary of Fair Russia’s Yaroslavl regional council, Anatoly Kashirin, told Russian newspaper Kommersant.

Viktoria is the niece of Sergey Skripal and the cousin of Yulia Skripal, the two victims of an alleged military-grade nerve agent attack in Salisbury earlier this year.

The British Government has blamed Russia, however the Kremlin has strenuously denied the allegations and no evidence directly linking Russia to the attack on the Skripals has been produced.

The two were hospitalised for nearly a month before being discharged and placed under police protection.

Viktoria Skripal contacted her relatives some time after the attack and attempted to arrange a personal visit, but British authorities refused her a visa twice, citing insufficient personal funds as the reason.

After a recording of a phone conversation with her cousin was published, Ms Skripal said Yulia “did not speak with her own words.”

She told German-based video news agency Ruptly:

“It could not be heard on the phone, but [I heard someone saying] – ‘You can talk.’ She was obviously shuffled [by someone] and [somebody] dialed my number for her, because she clearly did not remember all nine figures of my cell number. Logically, she had to call my home number, but for some reason, she phoned my cell phone.”

Ms Skripal says she has also written a letter to British Prime Minister Theresa May asking for assistance in gaining access to her relatives, to no avail.

She told Russia’s TASS news agency she “cannot get in touch with Yulia” and that she intends “to apply for a visa, most likely at the end of July.”