Senator Hanson-Young to sue Senator Leyonhjelm for defamation

10 July 2018

Senator Hanson-Young to sue Senator Leyonhjelm for defamation

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young confirmed on Tuesday that she will sue Senator David Leyonhjelm for defamation, following comments Senator Leyonhjelm made on television and radio about her sex life.

The feud between the Senators began after Senator Hanson-Young alleged that Senator Leyonhjelm yelled an “offensive and sexist slur” at her during a debate relating to violence against women.

Senator Leyonhjelm later confirmed that he had said that Senator Hanson-Young should “stop shagging men”, in response to her “saying something along the lines of all men being rapists.”

Senator Hanson-Young denies making that comment.

However, Senator Leyonhjelm went on to make further comments to various media outlets, including Sky News Australia, where he said that Senator Hanson-Young is “well known for liking men” and that “rumours about her in Parliament are well known.”

Senator Hanson-Young responded, saying “David Leyonhjelm is suggesting, because he can’t win an argument, he wants to bully, that I am sexually promiscuous.”

“He is … slut-shaming me,” she said.

Senator Hanson-Young has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help cover the legal costs, asking supporters to make a $20 donation.

“In the event that the case is upheld, all compensation, and funds raised, will be donated to Plan International and Women’s Legal Services (SA),” she said in an email to supporters.

In response, Senator Leyonhjelm has also launched a crowdfunding campaign to create “a war chest to fight the Greens”, with leftover funds being “put towards fighting the Greens in elections.”