China: backlash after woman who defaced poster of President disappears

12 July 2018

China: backlash after woman who defaced poster of President disappears

Public images of Chinese President Xi Jinping have been defaced in protest over the disappearance of a young woman who splashed ink on a poster of the leader in Shanghai.

The woman livestreamed herself splashing black ink onto the poster of Xi Jingping on Twitter, influencing others to do the same.

“I oppose Xi Jinping and his authoritarian dictatorship,” she said, denouncing the Communist Party before splashing ink onto a poster of Mr Xi.

“Let’s see how he’s gonna deal with me,” she continued.

Hours later the woman posted a photo of what appears to be police officers outside her door, as shown through a peep hole.

“Right now there are a group of people wearing uniforms outside my door. I’ll go out after I change my clothes,” she wrote with the post.

“I did not commit a crime. The people and groups that hurt me are the ones who are guilty.”

Since her disappearance, her video has continued circulating on social media, although her Twitter account has been deleted.

An especially vocal Chinese artist, Hua Yong, reposted the video on his Twitter account, expressing concerns for her safety.

“This live video has been circulating in the country, I would like to know her name, ask Shanghai friends to inquire more about her current situation, please everyone attention, do not let her disappear silently, defend the Constitution, free speech!” he tweeted.

Another Twitter user has claimed that the woman is currently being detained by police and is being held in Beijing.

A Twitter account named Communication Centre of Appealing tweeted: “Miss Dong was taken to Beijing by the officers from Domestic Security Department (DSD) and has been questioned for three days.”

It us unknown at this time if this information is correct.