Olbrycht-Palmer Media Group (OPMG) is a Sydney-based independent news organisation dedicated to giving readers all sides of a story. We offer analysis on key issues, both national and international, while giving you the power to make up your own mind.

OPMG believes strongly in the role of quality journalism in democracy. This is why we will always remain independent, and put news before profits.

We aim to inspire critical engagement with the world we live in and set the stage for those important conversations.

Think big with news you can trust.

The Team

Joseph Olbrycht-Palmer
Chief Editor
Joseph is the founder of Olbrycht-Palmer Media Group. He is a communications student at Western Sydney University. Joseph has a particular interest in geopolitics (international relations), political science and the mechanics behind news. He also works as a public relations consultant.
Mozart Olbrycht-Palmer
Managing Editor
Mozart is a lawyer and musician who also has experience in the areas of public policy and public relations. He is highly analytical, applying strong critical thinking skills to arguments on all sides of debates. In his spare time he enjoys Formula One, and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of British sitcoms.
Yiannis Chambers
Political Editor
Yiannis is a current student of the Diploma at Law through the LPAB, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Games Development from UTS. His interests range from politics to programming (and everything in between). He enjoys a good argument, Celtic music, and mediocre impersonations.
Brendan Raymond
Brendan is an avid reader, writer, and lover of life. He holds a Bachelor of Music, Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation, and a Diploma in Christian Studies — evidently having a very clear direction! He enjoys engaging in various topics, and tends to see multiple sides to the same issue. He also rather likes spring.
Elise Sherry
Elise is currently studying a Bachelor of Communications majoring in creative writing at the University of Technology, Sydney. Whenever she isn’t watching a good film, reading a great book, writing, or visiting art museums, she is on the hunt for good, vintage wines.
Greg Dewberry

Matilda Elliott
Matilda is a current Bachelor of Communication student majoring in journalism. She has a keen passion for anything music-related, and a special soft spot for David Bowie. Curious and wanting to find out as much as she can about a certain topic is something Matilda really enjoys, as well as hula-hooping and off-beat humour.
Sam Elliott
Sam is a communications student majoring in journalism. She loves nothing more than experiencing music — be it through earphones or at gigs, Sam is always on the lookout for new and exciting artists. Sam is a cheerleader with an excited and joyous personality paired with a relaxed demeanour who loves a laugh.
Dylan Zardain
Dylan is a Communications student who loves learning about everything and anything. He enjoys writing and has knowledge of a wide range of topics. Dylan is always researching new things and finding ways to expand his knowledge.